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Michael Hu 10-1-2009 Ward Per 4 SAE Vocab Lesson #3 Heracles made an astute observation during his battle with the Nemean Lion, noticing correctly that although weapons could not penetrate its hide, it was still vulnerable to raw and barehanded force. David’s bombastic nature was constantly made obvious by his frequent use of lengthy sentences and extensive vocabulary , especially when delivering lengthy harangues and speeches. Some may think of the bureaucracy of the United States as being far too complicated in their administration of laws, and legal procedures . Jolly old Saint Nicholas is generally seen as a fairly heavy and corpulent man with a large round belly , dressed in red, and riding a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer Many times when the kingdom was in danger, King Arthur would defer to his wise magician Merlin for help, trusting his judgment in the matter at hand. Albert Einstein was an erudite man of our time, as his knowledge in scientific matters was unparalleled , coming from
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