Vocab Lesson 4 - M ichael H u War d Per 4 SAE Vocab...

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Michael Hu Ward Per. 4 SAE Vocab Lesson #4 The attrition and shrinking of the European population during the Plague was due to the overwhelming number of deaths that resulted from the disease. Athena had originally believed Arachne to be a charlatan who was simply exaggerating and bragging about weaving skills she did not truly possess , but was surprised to realize that she was indeed an exceptionally talented weaver. In an ancient Egyptian ceremony, weighing one’s heart against a feather in the afterlife would corroborate his or her innocence, for if one’s heart was lighter than a feather, it would support and confirm that he or she had not committed any grave offenses. Upon playing his lyre for Cerberus, Orpheus transformed the once fearsome three-headed guard dog into a docile and obedient hound, who laid down quietly to listen to the music and allowed Orpheus to pass. Zeus astutely elicited the aid of several titans in his battle with Cronos, calling forth the erudite Prometheus, the forgetful Epimetheus, and Menoctivs to
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Vocab Lesson 4 - M ichael H u War d Per 4 SAE Vocab...

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