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Michael Hu SAE Ward Per. 4 11/30/09 Vocab Lesson #6 The man was not aware of the adverse effects of his allergy medication, which left his body in an unfavorable state in which he was neither able to stay awake, nor stop itching. According to John Milton, Mammon, the heinous and demonic embodiment of avarice , had greedily coveted both the riches of heaven and earth . Hera strongly censured Zeus’ obsession with other women, openly berating and criticizing him for being an unfaithful husband. Gilgamesh’ single most obvious foible was his inability to leave an attractive woman alone, and although he was quite possibly the greatest king of Uruk, this minor flaw and defect caused constant irritation among his people. The general, in his cogent speech to his soldiers, disparaged and belittled the opposing army, making them sound much less capable than they really were . The small child seemed inclined towards malapropism , for he never seemed able to distinguish between the words “which” and “witch”, and constantly misused them
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