AP Bio Prelab 7

AP Bio Prelab 7 - Introduction: Chi Square Test (X2)- a...

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Introduction: Chi Square Test ( X2 )- a test used to tell whether data observed from an experiment is the same as the data that would be predicted X2 values determine whether test results can be attributed to randomness or not Goodness of Fit Test - a type of statistical test that can determine if any differences between observed measurements and expected measurements are due to chance or caused by some other reason (if differences aren’t by chance, then there is actually a relationship between variables) The Observed Measurements The Expected Measurements will be the claims of the Mars Co. for what each bag of M&Ms should contain The Goodness of Fit Test used in this experiment is the Chi Square Analysis Calculate a statistical value ( ) X2 and use a table to determine the probability that any difference between observed data and expected data is due to chance p-value - the probability that something is due to chance A p-value of .05 means that there is a 5% chance that the results were coincidental Statistically Significant - the point at which scientists can claim that their results aren’t due to chance, and that there is actually a correlation between the Independent and Dependent Variables Generally accepted as a p-value of .05 or lower If a p-value is outside the statistically significant range (like p = .1), then that means that there is a 10% probability that the results came by chance
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AP Bio Prelab 7 - Introduction: Chi Square Test (X2)- a...

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