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Syllabus - Chem 2223b Course Outline(January 2010 Organic...

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1 Chem 2223b Course Outline (January 2010) Organic Chemistry of Biological Molecules Mandatory Notice from the Registrar Unless you have either the prerequisites for this course or written special permission from your Dean to enroll in it, you may be removed from this course and it will be deleted from your record. This decision may not be appealed. You will receive no adjustment to your fees in the event that you are dropped from a course for failing to have the necessary prerequisites. The prerequisite for this class is Chem 2213a/b or 2273a, or the former 213a/b or 273a. The website of the Office of the Registrar is http://www.registrar.uwo.ca . Course Website Students should check WebCT ( http://owl.uwo.ca ) on a regular basis for news and updates. Please contact the course instructor if Chem 2223b does not appear as one of your WebCT courses. Lecture Sections and Instructors Dr. Robert Hudson (lab coordinator) [email protected] Office: CHB 226 Section 001, MWF 8:30 – 9:30, NSC 1 Dr. Felix Lee (course coordinator) [email protected] Office: MSA 1202 Section 002, MWF 12:30 – 1:30, NSC 145 In lieu of instructors’ office hours for course material, the course will be offering free assistance at the Resource Room, which is located in MSA 1205. Schedules will be posted on WebCT. If you wish to meet with your instructor about confidential matters, please send an email for an appointment. If you email your instructor, you must use your Western email and include Chem 2223b in the subject line to prevent it from being spam filtered. Email should only be used for administrative purposes.
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2 Course Materials In addition to proper lab attire, the materials below are required and are available at the bookstore. No required textbook. Students may find Introduction to Organic Chemistry , Brown and Poon, third edition (2005), to be a useful reference for fundamental concepts from Chem 2213a. Chemistry 2223b Laboratory Manual, Practice Problems, and Past Exams , 2010 edition o Old editions may not be used. Students repeating the course will require a new manual. The lab manual also contains information regarding proper lab attire. Course Topics and Number of Lectures Topic Lectures Colours and Chromophores Photophysical processes, UV/visible absorption spectroscopy , fluorescence spectroscopy 2 Cellular Structure and Function Brief overview of components, organelles, and function required self study Amino Acids and Proteins Acid base properties, protein structure, composition and sequence analyses, Edman degradation, laboratory peptide synthesis, enzymes, biosynthesis of proteins 8 Carbohydrates Stereochemistry, reactions of functional groups, properties of di and polysaccharides, mechanisms of glycolytic reactions, connection between pyruvate and amino acids 9 Lipids Properties, biosynthesis, and beta oxidation of fatty acids, synthesis of soaps and detergents, biosynthesis of terpenes, phospholipids, fat soluble vitamins 9 Nucleic Acids
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