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Evidence Technician Evidence Technician By Kimberly Morano CRJ201 Professor Dorey October 18, 2010 1
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Evidence Technician An evidence technician has a very important job and much responsibility to go with it as well. Without one, it may be difficult to keep track of all of the evidence in each case; therefore it may be much harder to connect criminals to crimes that are committed. Hence, maybe some would get away with these crimes. An evidence technician needs to be able to collect all kinds of evidence, as well as process it and sometimes offer their services in court to attest to the evidence. They are a very important aspect of proving or disproving someone’s story. An evidence technician has a very exciting and interesting job, as one would need to be meticulous as well as thorough with collecting, storing and releasing of the evidence, which is police property. As an evidence technician one may be required to work with all kinds of situations, including dead bodies, no matter what the condition the body is in. One has to be able to tolerate any smells or unsightly scenes, including but not limited to burglaries or murders, during the collecting of evidence. (Education-Portal.com, 2010). If just one piece of evidence is missed or mishandled, it could play a crucial part in an investigation and therefore may allow for a possible acquittal of a defendant. While collecting evidence, not only does it have to be handled in a very delicate manner, it also has to be recorded correctly. When the law enforcement officers need this evidence to put their case together, they will need precise information about the evidence to help assemble their case for court. In addition, to collecting and properly recording the evidence, an evidence technician is required to
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Evidence Techniciancrj201 - Evidence Technician 1 Evidence...

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