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Week 3-Visual Designeng225

Week 3-Visual Designeng225 - Hi Everyone What does Nielsen...

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Hi Everyone, What does Nielsen mean by “aperture framing”? How do they help to direct the viewer’s attention, evoke mood, and perhaps have metaphorical and thematic implications for the film as a whole? Aperture framings, to Nielsen, play a prominent role in the visual design and staging of shots. (p. 1) Though the director of photography may use aperture framing to fill space within a shot, to Nielsen it is not just used for this purpose. He uses it to show, within a frame, entrapment or confinement of a particular character or characters; for instance, “confined” framings should give the notion” that the characters within them will ultimately die. (p. 3) These framings many not always be a metaphor of entrapment, instead can be used as a means of “directing the viewers attention towards a certain area in the shot”. By using aperture framings and intraframe staging, many things can go on at one time within the same shot. (Boggs, 2008) There are ways to evoke mood as well with aperture framings.
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