Chapter 12 Discussioneng225

Chapter 12 Discussioneng225 - Hi Everyone, Select a movie...

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Hi Everyone, Select a movie and write a short review using a few questions from the web site. Was your view primarily subjective or objective? Did you use any vague phrases or clichés? What did you learn about writing a review? Will your classmates benefit from watching it? The movie I chose was The Boondock Saints, written and directed by Troy Duffy. It takes place in present day South Boston and is about two Irish twin brothers, who along with the rest of the Irish community, are being pushed around by the Russian mob at first, then others as well, like the Italians. They get a vision from God telling them to kill the evil men. So, they start killing the Russian mob leaders, a bunch at a time. An FBI agent, William Dafoe, is the guy in charge because the Irish police can not figure out anything right. After one of the peons, Rocco, from the Italians, is trying to get in good with the Italian boss and winds up being set up to be killed. The twin brothers happen to be planning the death of these Russian bosses at the same time Rocco was to go in and make the hit. Good thing the brothers killed first, because there were nine guys and the Italian boss sent
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Chapter 12 Discussioneng225 - Hi Everyone, Select a movie...

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