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Public Enemieseng225 - Public Enemies By Kimberly Morano...

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Public Enemies By Kimberly Morano ENG225 Professor Norsworthy February 16, 2010
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This is the movie about the real-life bank robber John Dillinger, played by Johnny Depp. After seeing this movie a few times and even once with the commentary on, I have realized that this movie, to me, means that the importance of getting into character, having the right settings for all of the scenes, the costume designs for the characters, and the plot of the movie are crucial and critical to creating an excellent movie. The movie begins as John Dillinger is being escorted by his gang member John “Red” Hamilton, posing as a cop dropping off a prisoner into a prison in Indiana. Come to find out that he is only going to jail to help his friends escape. During the escape, one of his gang members (Ed Shouse) beats a cop to death. This causes commotion, which in turn causes a gang member to shoot another cop. At this time, the siren goes off and the men all start running to the getaway car waiting outside. It is then that the man Dillinger is trying to help escape, his mentor and father figure, is shot by one of the guards. As they are driving away his mentor is being held onto and dragged, but as they are holding onto him, he dies. This is when they go and his friend is gone forever. Right after he punches Shouse in the face, he kicks him out of the car. This is when Dillinger and his gang members that are left, with the help of a crooked cop, convinces them to stay in Chicago to be protected by the Mafia. I think this movie is really about focusing on the character of John Dillinger and the things he had
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Public Enemieseng225 - Public Enemies By Kimberly Morano...

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