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Hi Everyone, How do you think Hitchcock felt about his actors and why. It seems that Alfred Hitchcock has his own agenda when it came to making movies. The saying the Hitchcock treated actors “like cattle” is because he wanted his actors to do precisely what he wanted, for every shot. (Boggs, 2008) He also states on p. 319 that the actors should submit themselves to be used by the director and the camera, instead of the actor playing directly to the audience with the force of his talent and personality. Hitchcock thought that people should be able to identify with the characters. With that said, he would use the “subjective point of view”, where the audience was right up there
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Unformatted text preview: with the actor during each scene. (Boggs, 2008) You could feel the suspense at the same time the actor does. Though he was controlling, it was in the best interest of the movie. He knew precisely what he wanted his actors to do and exactly what they were to wear. As Eva Marie Saint stated “he had confidence in his casting”, and “When you walked on that set, you knew you were the only one to play that role…” (Miller, 2000) Kimberly Morano Boggs, J.M. & Petrie, D.W. (2008). The Art of Watching Films, Seventh Edition. McGraw-Hill. Miller, Ron. (2000). Hitchcock: Did he really treat actors like cattle? Retrieved from http://www.thecolumnists.com/miller/miller18update.html...
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