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Hi Everyone, Think about three movies in which the setting of the movie is essential to telling the story. One movie that immediately came to mind was “Signs”. If there had not been cornfields, it would seem unlikely that the aliens would be visiting this family’s house. There were signs of visitors in the cornfields by the huge crop circles they made in the corn. Although at first, no one knew where they came from, Mel Gibson’s character and his family soon found out that they were aliens. Without the setting of the cornfields, this movie could not have taken place at all because that is where the “signs” initially started. Another movie is “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian”. This movie was all about happenings during the night, at the Smithsonian.
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Unformatted text preview: It is obvious that the setting would have to be at the Museum. All of the characters lived at the Smithsonian, except Abe Lincoln, who comes to life from his chair at the Lincoln Memorial to join everyone at the Smithsonian. Finally, the movie Shawshank Redemption takes place in a prison. The setting is in the Shawshank Prison. The man who is wrongly accused of murdering his wife spends most of his time in a prison cell. He creates chess pieces out of soapstone with a little hammer that he was allowed to have, according to the prison guards. With that little hammer he chiseled his way out of prison, on his way to escaping, for good. Without the setting of the prison, this movie would have never been able to take place. Kimberly Morano...
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