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Hi Everyone, What movie did you choose and what is happening in the scene? What colors are prominent in the scene? Do you see any intentionality on the part of the director or cinematographer in the use of color? Do costume colors contribute to the scene? How does the use of color contribute to the overall effectiveness of the scene? I chose the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The scene was where Jack Sparrow was traded for Will Turner on the beach and brought back to the pirate ship and put in jail on it. Initially, there is one Jack Sparrow; then there is another and another behind him using low-key lighting, where most of the set is in the shadow. So now there are three. The two fake ones are brighter than the real one so we (the viewer) can tell the difference. But, behind them further in the shadow, is something that looks like it is part of the ship and it is moving. Turns out it is Will’s father and he has become part of the ship. The colors that are prominent in the scene are mostly darker colors like dark green,
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