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Hi Everyone, I had first thought I was a utilitarian because I “try to weigh the consequences of everyone’s happiness” (Moore, 2007). That is not to say though, as on p. 426 about owning a slave, while it would make recipients of that slave happy it would not make the slave happy. I would not engage in this activity. That is where moral duty comes in. To me, it is morally wrong to even put a price tag on another human being, never mind making him or her work for you for free. It is my moral duty to ensure this does not happen especially in my own family. So, now, after reading this chapter, I think a little like a utilitarian as well as somewhat like a deontologist because I may do something to make someone happy, like when I went to work for a girl who had called out claiming she was sick; I felt it was my moral
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Unformatted text preview: duty to report her because she was only out partying and not sick as she had claimed. This situation was unfair to the rest of the employees because, initially, everyone had to scramble to try and find cover for this shift. I think by trying to make everyone happy as well as doing the right and moral thing at the same time is most of what describes me and my way of thinking, but I also believe that having virtue ethics, by learning how to be instead of just what to do (Moore, 2007), will make for a better person because one will be able to develop a good character, which in turn will make for better decision making because instead of just overreacting or not reacting strongly enough, I can assess the situation properly. Good luck to everyone in your future, and it was nice meeting you all. Kim Morano...
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