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Week 2-1phi103 - Hi Everyone Look at the following examples...

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Hi Everyone, Look at the following examples and see how many you can identify. John’s objections to capital punishment carry no weight since he is a convicted felon. I think this is Post Hoc, because John is a convicted felon he therefore has no say in any objections to capital punishment. He took that right away from himself when he became a convicted felon. All men are rats! Just look at the louse that I married. Because the man she married is a louse, therefore, to her, all men are rats. She is giving bad information, which in turn may poison the minds of others. Thus, using the fallacy of “poisoning the well” which, according to p. 176 of the text states that this fallacy “can be thought of as an ad hominem in advance”. If the Republicans win the election, then we will lose our benefits and probably end up homeless in the streets! I was not sure if this was Post Hoc or Scare Tactics or both. Post Hoc, by saying if the
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