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Hi Everyone, Listen carefully to commercials or news broadcasts, and identify at least three of the top 10 fallacies described in your text. One commercial I watched had Howie Long telling people how great Chevy’s cars are. The only problem I saw with that was he was picking on Honda, saying it had worse highway mileage and less room, as he was praising the company he was advertising for. Using ad hominem fallacy to get their point across about Chevy wanting one to buy their cars instead of Honda’s. I saw a brief news clip about Senator Nelson of Nebraska, not falling in line with the
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Unformatted text preview: healthcare plan. Also, that he was threatened by the White House that if he did not agree there is threat of closing his Air Force Base, which would be the cause and effect of Post hoc fallacy. The other commercial I watched was how to get a tax break in 2009 for buying a car before December 31. I think this is an example of post hoc fallacy because they are stating that the cause is buying a car before the deal expires, the effect being you will get a tax break on next year’s taxes. Kim Morano...
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