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Hi Everyone, Do you think this case in unjust? Instead of going to prison, do you think that he should have been fined and had his driver’s license revoked? Or should he have been given the death sentence? What do you think would have been appropriate? I do not think the case was unjust. I think he did not get enough time. I do not think he should been convicted of murder because it was not his intentions to kill anyone. However, in the third paragraph it states, “ Things looked blurry, but they always did after his drinking sprees” (Henslin, 2008). This clearly states that he had done this before, which means that he thought it was okay to drink and drive because he and his friends had always done this and had been fine. Apparently, paying no mind to the fact that it was against the law. Larry’s first clue that there was an issue with driving at that moment should have been the blurred vision. He should have been responsible enough when he got in his pickup to realize that he was too buzzed and should have waited to drive. He could of called his
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