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Hi Everyone, I am sorry to say this is not a hypothetical scenario; instead this is something that really happened. After Christmas, our eight-year old son was going to Jersey (from PA) to visit his cousins for a few days. On my way home from dropping him off, I had stopped at an old friend of my boyfriend and myself that we had not seen in over six years. No answer at the door, not even sure if he stilled lived there I left a note with our phone number. Lo and behold, he called. We made arrangements to pick him up to stay a few days with us in PA. On the way to our house, he kept falling asleep sitting up. We did not think anything of it, his mother said that he was up all night because he was so excited about coming up to our house in PA. He continued to “nod out” throughout the night; we still
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Unformatted text preview: thought he was just tired. The next day, he started to do it again and my boyfriend finally said to him, “Whatever you are on, you had better stop.” “My son, especially, doesn’t need to see you like that.” I had missed most of what happened because I had gone to work and did not come home until about 9:30p.m. Well, when I got home, my boyfriend said to me that he wanted him out, tonight! He was supposed to stay for like three more days, but that was not happening. He was driven home the next day and told that if you are going to do drugs, you are not welcome in our home. My valid deductive argument is that: if you are going to do drugs, you are not welcome in our home. Kim Morano...
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