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Week 5-1phi103 - said and then decipher what he is really...

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Hi Everyone, Though I know I still have a lot to learn about critical thinking, I have learned the most to pay attention to what is being said and really meant. I have also learned much about deductive and inductive arguments and how to determine between the two. As with one of my discussions in a prior week about the friend that came to visit our home, that was on drugs. I knew that my argument was that if he was on drugs again, he was not welcome in out home. However, I did not know that it was a deductive argument. I did not even know anything about deductive or inductive arguments until taking this course. I have also learned to be more patient. When my boyfriend and I talk about something or even argue, I now tend to listen fully to what is being said first. When I get all the information and get the whole of it, I can then take a few minutes to think of everything
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Unformatted text preview: said and then decipher what he is really trying to convey to me. I have noticed that many people rationalize so as to benefit themselves. Even though they are doing good for others, it’s because they are also benefiting somehow from what is being done. As with politicians, who will say whatever the people want to hear just to be elected. The benefit they are getting is: elected, while supposedly the people are getting what they want as well. As many already know, what politicians promise is not always what the people get. I definitely have made a positive change since beginning this class. By trying to thinking critically just about every time some speaks, I have learned to be able to think more clearly now and have a little more understanding of just how critical thinking works. Kim Morano...
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