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Supplemental Assignment 1pol303

Supplemental Assignment 1pol303 - Hi Everyone I chose the...

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Hi Everyone, I chose the second amendment of the Bill of Rights, which is the right to bear and keep arms. Although the second amendment stands for one's right to keep and bear arms, not everyone seems to have that right. If a person is not a convicted felon and would like to own and keep firearms, it is one's constitutional right to do so, according to the Bill of Rights. There is a big misconception about whether the right to bear arms pertains to individuals, or to a well-regulated militia. Our founding fathers based the Bill of Rights on individuals and one's rights. As Thomas Jefferson stated "No free man shall be debarred the use of arms" (Bill of Rights Institute, 2010). Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Paine, even Samuel Adams agreed. Richard Henry Lee went on to say that he defined militia the same way that Europeans did, "A militia when properly formed are in fact the people themselves" (Bill of Rights Institute, 2010).
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  • Firearm, United States Bill of Rights, Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, National Firearms Act, Bill of Rights Institute

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