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Name: Kimberly Morano Date: August 30, 2010 Polluters in Your Community Visit www.scorecard.org and/or www.epa.gov Identify the Top Five Polluters: 1. Reliant energy Portland Power Plant, Portland 2. PPL Martins Creek Steam Electric Station, Bangor 3. Keystone Cement Company, Bath 4. 5. Identify the Top Five Chemicals Released: 1. Hydrochloric Acid 2. Carbonyl Sulfide 3. Hydrofluoric Acid 4. Sulfuric Acid 5. Barium Compounds Determine the number of Superfund sites in your area and explain: There were two Superfund sites in my area, but now they are in the completed stage. That means   any necessary physical construction is complete, whether or not final cleanup levels or other requirements have been achieved; EPA has determined that the response action should be limited to measures that do not involve construction, such as the use of a deed restriction to limit the future use of the land; or the site qualifies for deletion from
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Unformatted text preview: the National Priorities List (NPL). Based on the information you find on these sites, list five ways that you can take action in your community. Be thorough and descriptive: 1. Send a message to the top polluters in my county complaining about all of the pollution they are putting into the air and how it is not good for sustainable development. 2. Take action by urging the EPA not to weaken pollution reporting, instead they should toughen it and do something about it when it is reported. 3. Email the governor to support tougher air quality controls, because he has the power to and people will listen to him. 4. Email the EPA to demand rules that reduce air toxics risks and laws that will be enforced, not just put on paper. 5. Fax companies responsible for the top-ranked pollution problems in Northampton County and tell them they need to find ways to clean up their pollution output....
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