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Hi Everyone, Why does it appear that the human population does not follow the logistic growth curve that most other populations or organisms follow? In your opinion what is the best way to deal with human population growth It seems that because humans started traveling overseas, plus people had better agriculture, better sources of power, better health care and cleanliness the population really started to grow (Cunningham & Cunningham, 2009). On a graph it looks like we were level for thousands of years and then all of a sudden, in geologic time, there were so many more people and it is still continuing, faster than many can control it. Most other populations have always stayed within their own habitats, except for maybe the insects, rodents, and any other animal (or reptiles) that managed to hitch a ride on the roads to new areas and the ships that sailed to other lands. I think the best way to deal with population growth is to give this much needed information on overpopulation to other developing countries, such as, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East,
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