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Week 4-2sci207 - Hi Everyone If you had to argue the...

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Hi Everyone, If you had to argue the benefits of nuclear energy, what would they be? What are the risks? If I had to argue the benefits of nuclear energy, I would first say that it does not contribute to global warming by releasing greenhouse gases like hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, or nitrogen oxides (which contributes to acid rain) through emissions and burning of fossil fuels. Nuclear energy is also a clean, safe, reliable and competitive energy source; it is the only source that could sufficiently replace part of the fossil fuels, which pollute the atmosphere immensely (Comby, B. n.d.). It also has the smallest amount of impact on the environment, unlike those who are burning non-renewable resources such as coal, oil, and gas. With the new high temperature reactors we will be able to recover fresh water from the sea and help support the production of hydrogen (Comby, B. n.d.). Most people probably do not know that almost all Americans are using nuclear energy for at
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