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From the September 27 lecture, you should know about The differences between socialism and communism (this is in Davies), According to Lenin, the role of the state, bourgeois specialists, trade unions (this is on page 99 of the Soviet Experiment and in the slides), The 3 stages of early Soviet Economy (State Capitalism, War Communism, New Economic Policy), and some of their main features, like the ones I listed on the board (State Capitalism is on Page 75 of Suny, the rest you can find in Davies), In what ways was War Communism an emergency response to the war (this is in
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Unformatted text preview: Davies), • The importance of agriculture (this is in Chapter 4 of Davies and pages 166.168 of Suny), • Why developing industry is important from a Marxian point of view. (I forgot to mention this in class. Read about it on Page 30 of Davies. ) • The Scissors Crisis and why it was difficult to enrich the peasants and workers at the same time, • The results fo NEP: what did and did not recover (some of this was listed on the board in class)....
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