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Read Chapter 19 of the Soviet Experiment. If you got an e-mail about lagging behind in participation credit, you have the following 5 page (1000- 1500 word) assignment. - In addition to Chapter 19, read Chapter 18. Use what you read combined with what you learned in class previously (including your readings for November 22) to answer the following question. Did U.S.S.R. collapse because the Soviet brand of socialism was ultimately doomed to fail? Alternatively, should the blame be placed on the failures of Gorbachev’s leadership? The mistakes of his predecessors? Whatever thesis you choose to articulate, make sure to use evidence from the readings to back up your answer (include the page numbers!). I am looking for a well-argued response, not just your opinion. Make sure your paper has an introduction (with a clear statement of your thesis), a body (with evidence in favor of your thesis), and a conclusion. Use outside sources if you’d like, but this is not required.
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Unformatted text preview: If you didn’t get any such e-mail, answer the following question in 1 page (200-300 words). -According to Suny, “the death of the Soviet Union in its seventy-fourth year represented a failure of Gorbachev’s attempt to manage a triple reform of democratization, economic transformation, and decolonization of the non-Russian republics.” Even though Gorbachev believed in som and only wanted to reform it, the end of his time in office marked the death of som in Russia. Based on what you read in the chapter, what stands out for you as Gorbachev’s biggest political mistake? I define a mistake as policy that did not reach its goals or had unintended consequences from Gorbachev’s point of view. Be specific (don’t talk about perestroika or his reforms in general terms, but pick a particular political decision) and use evidence from the Chapter to illustrate how it contributed to the collapse of U.S.S.R....
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