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Nov 22 Stagnation How was USSR doing in 1970s compared to U.S. (GDP comparisons) What kept the Soviet economy going? Why did it collapse? New Soviet Man turns pessimist Note: another definition of middle class. How did attitudes of the middle class evolve? Note the 1951-52 Harvard survey. What happened in the 50s? Late 1960s: what happened to the attitudes of the intelligentsia. Why? Prague Spring: popular movement in 1968 Czechoslovakia to form a non-Communist government . Soviet tanks rolled in (there was virtually no resistance from the Czecholovak army) and reestablished communist dominance in the government.
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Unformatted text preview: (See pages 453-455 of Soviet Experiment) 1970s: middle class becomes more pessimist. Why? o Declining economic performance (consumption and GDP grew, though at slower rates! see p. 467 of Structure of Soviet History and planning3.pdf online) o Middle class materialism: 1950s improvements set the plank higher o Comparisons with the West, though contradictory (367-368) o Comparisons with Eastern Europe Dislike of the system or the regime? What about mood of the workers? Siberiade Connections between the film and what we learned about in class (listed on the board)...
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