planning - Notes of Soviet Economic Planning Note most of...

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Unformatted text preview: Notes of Soviet Economic Planning Note: most of this material, including the definitions, is taken from Russian and Soviet Economic Performance and Structure by Gregory and Stuart. Introduction (Definition) Economic system: set of organizational arrangements established for the purpose of allocating resources in a particular setting (Page 89, G&S). Recall our discussion of State Capitalism, War Communism, and New Economic Policy. This is a list of short- lived organizational arrangements that existed in USSR prior to the 1930s . Stalin’s collectivization campaign, started in late 1920s was a move away from NEP and toward a higher degree of state planning. Concurrent with collectivization was the development of the First Five Year plan by Gosplan (the State Planning Agency). By mid 1930s, most private property was nationalized , and USSR entered into a new economic era. Please read Chapters 9 and 10 of Suny for a more detailed account of Stalin’s Industrial Revolution. The e conomic system we’ll be examining for the next couple of lectures is called the Soviet Administrative Command Economy (ACA). This system was established in 1930s and, though some aspects of it changed over time, it survived until the collapse of USSR. The defining characteristic of this system is centralized economic planning. The first step in the planning process was plan development, starting with control figures (preliminary plan targets). After a plan approved, its fulfillment was monitored so that a better plan can be implemented in the future. Next period, instead of starting with a clean slate, the state made upward adjustments to the preceding plan, continuing the process....
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planning - Notes of Soviet Economic Planning Note most of...

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