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Lab 2 Answer Sheet

Lab 2 Answer Sheet - GEOG 1403 Spring 2010 Topographic...

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GEOG 1403, Spring 2010 Names Topographic Mapping Lab 2 Names 4 points Section 1. The same house is drawn on two different maps—A and B. On map A, the scale is 1:20,000. On map B, the scale is 1:200,000. Which is a “larger” scale map? On which map does the house appear larger? 2. What is the contour interval of this map of Stone Mountain, GA, assuming that the units are in feet? 3. Using Figure 3 in the Tutorial, give the elevations of the places indicated by the individual letters. Notice that you are required to estimate the elevation for some locations that are not on contour lines. Therefore, you must estimate, or interpolate, elevations that are intermediate between contours. Please label the unit of measurement. A_____________ D_____________ B_____________ E_____________ C_____________ F_____________ 4. Which slope is steeper, that at transect G or transect H? 5. In your own words, why is it impossible for contour lines to intersect or cross one another? 1
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6. The figure below shows the temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit for a particular winter day in Minnesota. Draw in isotherms at a 2° interval for values from -6° to 10° and label each line.
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