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ch17 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Moore’s law states that hardware computing power doubles approximately every five years. ____ 2. Many new systems are built primarily by integrating operating systems, communication systems, and applica- tions into a single system. ____ 3. Adaptive approaches to system development do not allow for uncertainly. ____ 4. Empirical control works well when more planning can provide more detail. ____ 5. The only way to develop code quickly is to do it in small chunks and to develop the system incrementally. ____ 6. Adopting an agile approach for a project is relatively easy. ____ 7. Managers and stakeholders frequently struggle to accept a chaordic point of view for system development. ____ 8. In Agile Development, contracts include options for the customer to cancel if the project is not progressing, as measured by the incremental deliverables. ____ 9. Agile Modeling emphasizes creating only models that are necessary. ____ 10. In Agile Modeling, change is seen as the exception, not the norm. ____ 11. Agile Modeling principles suggest that CASE tools should be used whenever possible. ____ 12. An Agile Modeling practice used in incremental modeling is to create several models in parallel. ____ 13. Maintaining simplicity in Agile Modeling eliminates the need for validating the models with code. ____ 14. The quality of the code is always higher in a pair-programming environment. ____ 15. In XP, each programmer is responsible for her or her own code. ____ 16. XP recommends that system code be written before test code. ____ 17. The Scrum master sets the project schedule and assigns tasks. ____ 18. Once a Scrum team has agreed on a goal and has selected items from the backlog list, the scope of the sprint is frozen. ____ 19. The purpose of a Scrum meeting is to find solutions for any issues that have arisen since the last meeting. ____ 20. In the adaptive approach, developers create the project schedule as the project progresses. ____ 21. The MDA applies to both predictive development processes and adaptive development processes. ____ 22. Foundation classes are organized into one or more inheritance hierarchies. ____ 23. Smaller firms usually develop their own application frameworks. ____ 24. Designers and programmers do not have to be familiar with a framework before they can successfully use it. ____ 25. Components implemented with non-OO technologies do not need to exhibit objectlike behavior. ____ 26. Updating a single component requires recompiling, relinking, and redistributing the entire application. ____ 27. Internet standards alone do not fully supply a component connection standard.
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____ 28. Java is an OO programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. ____ 29.
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ch17 - ch17 True/False Indicate whether the statement is...

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