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ch16 - ch16 True/False Indicate whether the statement is...

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ch16 True/False Indicate whether the statement is true or false. ____ 1. Implementation activities are highly interdependent. ____ 2. A significant advantage of input, process, output (IPO) development order is that it simplifies testing. ____ 3. If A is a method or module that calls or executes B, bottom-up development order develops A before B. ____ 4. A chief developer team has a single leader who makes all important decisions. ____ 5. Testing and construction should be done independently of each other. ____ 6. Top-down and bottom-up development order cannot be applied to object-oriented designs (OODs). ____ 7. Tasks that require experimentation or high creativity are best completed by a chief developer team. ____ 8. A production version is considered a final product. ____ 9. Multiple alpha versions may be built depending on the complexity of the system. ____ 10. Quality assurance (QA) only takes place in the testing phase of software development. ____ 11. Top management is often the source of pressure to short-change quality assurance (QA) activities to speed up a project. ____ 12. Technical reviews and testing are more effective jointly than individually. ____ 13. Technical reviews increase development costs. ____ 14. The primary advantage of direct installation, as compared to other installation methods, is minimal risk to business operations. ____ 15. Parallel installation is generally best when the consequences of a system failure are severe. ____ 16. Lower-level modules are often the most complex and difficult to write. ____ 17. Older production versions should not be overlapped with test versions of future production releases. ____ 18. Beta versions do not need to be stored after the production version is released. ____ 19. Acceptance testing is an informal activity in most development projects. ____ 20. Users are primarily responsible for unit testing. ____ 21. Volunteers are frequently used for beta testing. ____ 22. Data conversion programs must be constructed and tested in the same manner as operational software. ____ 23. There is no one single method for performing phased installation. ____ 24. Partial parallel operation always entails the risk that significant errors or problems will go undetected. ____ 25. Most development tools allow system models to be exported to other formats. ____ 26. Analysis model documentation is used more frequently than design model documentation. ____ 27. Visual modeling and reverse-engineering tools are relatively simple and inexpensive to use. ____ 28. Most modern operating systems provide standard features to support embedded documentation.
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____ 29. Source code is a good form of system documentation and indirect user documentation. ____ 30. In many cases, maintenance and version updates are simply ignored to reduce risk. Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 31. Which of the following is NOT a typically used development order for program modules?
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