CE3A03 Outline - CIVENG 3A03 Geotechnical Engineering I:...

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CIVENG 3A03 Geotechnical Engineering I: Outline 2010-2011 1 CIVENG 3A03 Geotechnical Engineering I COURSE OBJECTIVE Soils are weak, compressible, porous earthen materials. All Civil Engineering works (buildings, bridges, roads, airfields, tunnels, landfills, reservoirs, pumping stations, etc.) are founded on or within geotechnical materials (soil and/or rock). The stability and safety of engineering structures depend upon the characteristics and behaviour of the various types of soil and rock. Geotechnical Engineering is the subdiscipline that deals with the physical and mechanical properties (or behaviour) of geological materials, as well as with their interaction with engineered structures. A Geotechnical Engineer is normally involved in the analysis, design and construction of foundations for structures, earth and rock dams, embankments, highways, airfields, aqueducts, levees, bridge abutments, retaining walls, tunnels, etc. Geotechnical engineers often also get involved in geoenvironmental problems dealing with underground contamination and transport, as well as decommissioning of sites and remediation. The purpose of this course is to develop a good understanding of the mechanics of soil behavior under various natural and imposed loading conditions. Attention will be focused on the behavior of idealized soil elements from which the behavior of large soil masses may be inferred. To complement the theoretical studies, students will be given the opportunity to carry out standard laboratory tests on various soils. TEACHING METHOD The topics in the course will be presented using a traditional lecture format. Students are encouraged to attend lectures and tutorials to ensure that they appreciate what material is considered to be most important. Tutorials will be used in general, to present examples and case histories, or review material that the student should already be familiar with. Assignments are intended to help consolidate the understanding of material presented in
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CE3A03 Outline - CIVENG 3A03 Geotechnical Engineering I:...

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