Lecture 2 - L ecture 2 Classification and P roka ryotes...

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Unformatted text preview: L ecture 2 - Classification and P roka ryotes READ I NG ASSIGN M E N T • • Chapter 10: all Chapter 11: p300-324 (only genera mentioned in slides), and Domain Archaea, M icrobial diversity QU IZ 2 PODCAST “Epulopiscium” http://www.microbiologybytes.com/blog/2008/05/19/epulopiscium-a-giant-among-bacteria/ STUDY GU I D E Chapter 10 • • • • • • • • • What is the basis for separating all living things in three domains? How is rRNA involved in classification? What are the basic characteristics of the three domains (table 10.1)? Know classification hierarchy (kingdom, phylum, class…) Know the three kingdoms that belong to eukaryotes. What happened to k ingdom Protista? How are mitochondria and chloroplasts similar to prokaryotic cells? What is the difference among a eukaryotic, prokaryotic and viral species? Know how to tell if organisms are related to each other by looking at DNA hybridization. How is DNA base composition used to classify microorganisms? Know how to calculate %GC from a DNA sequence. What are the three categories of Archaea? What do these indicate about their l iving environment or metabolism? How i t the cell wall of Archaea different from Bacteria (3 differences: one really big)? How is this related to their resistance to antibiotics? Characteristics of all Proteobacteria. Characteristics of all Fi rmicutes. Know all Fi rmicute genera covered! Given 5 Fi rmicutes, identify the disease each can cause, benefit or unusual feature that they have. TAXONO MY B I NO M IAL NO MENC LATURE Chapter 11 • • • • • Definitions to know/memorize: • • • • CLONE EN DOSYMB IO T IC T H EORY ...
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Lecture 2 - L ecture 2 Classification and P roka ryotes...

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