Lecture 6 - L ectu re 6 Cont rol of microbial growth and...

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Unformatted text preview: L ectu re 6 - Cont rol of microbial growth and Antimicrobials READ I NG ASSIGN M E N T: I'll be highlighting specifics in the lecture. • Chapter 7: all • Chapter 20: all PODCAST FOR AN T I M I C ROB IAL L ECT URE (MP3) “Antibiotic resistance in the natural world” STUDY GU I D E Chapter 7 • • • • • Know the difference between a bacteriostatic and a bacteriocide. Describe three moist heat methods and which of those sterilize or disinfect. W hat is the purpose of Pasteurization? What is tyndallization? Does i t s terilize or disinfect? Know how phenolics, halogens and alcohols work in disinfection. Are Quats bacteriocidal? W hat type of disinfecting agent are they? (Halogen, surfactant, alcohol…) W hich genus in the proteobacteria love to grow in Quats? Which are more or less resistant to disinfectants in the following pairs: E nveloped vi ruses v. non-enveloped viruses G ram positive v. gram negative bacteria. Why we can use antibiotics to inhibit bacterial r ibosomes, but not affect h uman r ibosomes? Be able to identify broad and narrow-spectrum antibiotics (from a chart). What are five actions of antimicrobial drugs? What is the common core structure present in all penicillins? Know how Chloramphenicol, Streptomycin and Tetracycline inhibit protein synthesis. Know target cells (viruses, fungi…) and mode of action of these antimicrobials: Acyclovir, Ampicillin, Niclosamide, Ketoconazole. What is the Ki rby-Bauer test used for? (From p. 602-3) Describe these two mechanisms of microbe resistance: i nactivation and rapid efflux. C hapter 20 • • • • • • • • Definitions to know: • • • • Chemotherapy Sterilization D isinfection Antibiotics ...
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Lecture 6 - L ectu re 6 Cont rol of microbial growth and...

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