Lecture 7 - Gene regulation Know the function of the...

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Lecture 7 - Microbial Genetics and Biotechnology READING ASSIGNMENT Chapter 8: 210-231, 234-241 (major points emphasized in lecture) Chapter 9: all PODCAST FOR MICROBIAL GENETICS LECTURE The Genetics of Beer” (text) http://www.microbiologybytes.com/blog/2008/10/06/the-genetics-of-beer/ The Genetics of Beers (mp3) STUDY GUIDE Chapter 8 DNA replication Know structure of DNA. What does it mean that it is anti-parallel? Know how DNA is replicated. What is the direction of DNA replication? What is referred to as leading and lagging strand? Function of these enzymes: DNA polymerase, DNA ligase, primase, helicase, DNA gyrase. Transcription What is the function of transcription? What are the major enzymes and molecules involved? How does transcription start and stop? Translation What is the function of translation? What is the function of mRNA, tRNA and rRNA? What are the two main regions in tRNA? Why is the genetic code called degenerate? When during translation is the peptide bond formed between two incoming amino acids?
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Unformatted text preview: Gene regulation Know the function of the promoter and operator in an operon. Are they part of the protein or DNA? What it meant when we say the operon is On? How does the tryptophan operon work? How does the lac operon work? Mutations What are silent, missense, nonsense and frameshift mutations? How can they affect protein function? Gene transfer Briefly describe the major differences among transformation, conjugation and transduction. (players involved, how DNA is transferred) Chapter 9 Describe how gene of interest ends up as a biotech product. Know how Southern Blots work and what they are used for. Given a DNA fingerprinting, be able to identify which 2 microorganism are the same. Know how PCR works and the reagents that are required. Definitions to know: 1 Operon Codon Transcription Translation Replication 2...
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Lecture 7 - Gene regulation Know the function of the...

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