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Unformatted text preview: Biol210 Syllabus Quiz 1. I can receive partial credit for an assignment turned in past the deadline. TRUE 2. All lecture quizzes, including the Chemistry and Microbe Quiz, will count towards your final grade. TRUE 3. There is a cumulative final for General Microbiology. TRUE 4. The instructor prefers to be contacted through email. TRUE 5. Attendance/participation does not affect my grade. FALSE 6. Grades for exams will be available at the following lecture section. FALSE 7. If my printer breaks down on the day of an assignment deadline, I can still receive full credit for the assignment as long as I tell the professor. FALSE 8. If I miss an exam, I can inform the professor of my excuse after the exam date to be able to take a make-up. FALSE 9. The instructor has office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. FALSE 10. You must complete the Syllabus Quiz by Sunday of the first week of class. TRUE 11. I can take one make-up lecture exams and two make-up lab quizzes. FALSE 12. The professor prefers email to be sent from personal or home accounts, not from your school Gmail account. TRUE 13. It is important to check to course website and my school email frequently. TRUE 14. Final exam make-ups are available on request. FALSE 15. I can purchase an official copy of the lab manual through Amazon, EBay or students that have already taken the course. FALSE 16. The professor will answer emails received after 5pm on Fridays on Saturday or Sunday. FALSE 17. Make up exams will only consist of multiple choice, fill in the blank and true/false questions. FALSE 18. If I stop coming to class, I am responsible for dropping the course through myCCC or at the admissions office. TRUE Biol210 Lecture Quiz: Chemistry 1 1) Which of the following is not t rue about enzymes? Answer: Enzymes increase the number of collisions in a chemical reaction. 2) Which of the following is the type of bond holding K + and I- ions in K I? Answer: Ionic bond 3) Which of the following is the type of bond between molecules of water in a beaker of water? Answer: Hydrogen bond 4) Which of the the following macromolecule - monomer pair is matched incorrectly? Answer: Lipids - monolipoacids 5) Aspartate - Glutamate - Lysine - Threonine - Cysteine - Leucine is an example of Answer: P rimary protein structure 6) Which of the following bonds is primarily responsible for secondary protein folding (alpha helices and beta sheets)? 7) Peptide bonds are made through Answer: Dehydration reactions 8) Saturated fatty acids in the plasma membrane are loosely packed. Answer: False 9) Cholesterol is a Answer: Steroid 10) The carboxyl group contributes the "acid" portion to the term "amino acid" Answer: T rue 11) How many Carbons, Hydrogens and Oxygens in the molecule drawn below? Answer: 6 carbons, 12 hydrogens, 0 oxygen BIO L-C210 M icrobe Quiz 1. Clostridium difficile I. is part of our normal microbiota II. causes serious diarrhea III. causes gas gangrene IV. is a frequent cause of nosocomial infections V. produces endosporesV....
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This note was uploaded on 12/29/2010 for the course BIOL 210 taught by Professor Gutiérrez during the Spring '10 term at Coastline Community College.

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Online Quizzes & Exams - Biol210 Syllabus Quiz 1. I...

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