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General Microbiology - Examination 1 Version C MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) What type of bacterial arrangement is pictured below? A) Streptococci B) Streptobacilli C) Palisading bacilli D) Staphylococci 2) During the lysogenic cycle A) bacterial cell lysis occurs B) new viral proteins are made C) many copies are made of the viral DNA D) viral DNA combines with the bacterial chromosome E) viral DNA and proteins are assembled into virions 3) You discovered a unicellular organism that lacks a nucleus, organelles and peptidoglycan. You suspect the organism is in the group A) Fungi. B) Archaea. C) Animalia. D) Plantae. E) Bacteria. 4) You make a trip to Yellowstone National Park. The hotsprings there have a usual temperatures well above boiling. Which of the following organisms would you most likely expect to find there? A) Extreme halophiles B) Sea slugs C) Methanogens D) Extreme thermophiles E) Fungus 5) Which of the following is not an example of a microbial benefit? A) Bacterial production of French bread B) Bacterial production of vinegar C) Bacterial production of yogurt D) Bacterial degradation of a dead animal E) All are microbial benefits 6) Which one of the following does not belong with the others (hint: think of microorganism cell walls) ? A) Glycocalyx B) Chitin C) Peptidoglycan D) Cellulose 1
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Figure 4.2 7) Which of the following terms best describes the cell in Figure above? A) Amphitrichous flagella B) Axial filament C) Lophotrichous flagella D) Peritrichous flagella E) Monotrichous flagella 8) Which of the following does NOT apply to the Fungi? A) They absorb nutrients from the environment B) They are involved in making cheese and beer C) They can carry out photosynthesis D) Cells walls are composed of chitin E) Are grouped into yeasts and molds 9) Which of the following describes invagination of the plasma membrane that results in a vesicle containing extracellular fluid ("drinking" for a cell)? A) Halitosis B) Pinocytosis C) Phagocytosis D) Exocytosis E) Diffusion 10) What are the three domains of life? A) Eukarya, Bacteria, Plantae B) Archaea, Eukarya, Animalia C) Archaea, Eukarya, Bacteria D) Archaea, Bacteria, Fungi 11) Pasteur's experiments disproving spontaneous generation were based on the fact that there was NO growth in the broth, even though it was exposed to air. This ________ result needed a ________ control for verification. A) positive, negative
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Sample Exam 1 - General Microbiology - Examination 1...

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