RNR 316 Exam1-1998

RNR 316 Exam1-1998 - RNR 316: Natural Resources Ecology...

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: Natural Resources Ecology Soc. Sec. No. _______________________ Exam No. 1 : 25 September 1998 I. Definitions. Succinctly define or identify the following terms (3 points each): x. Ecology — x. Disruptive selection — x. Homeostasis — x. Heterotherms — x. Torpor — X. Critical daylength — II. True / False: Mark each true statement with a “T” and each false statement with “F” (2 points each). ____ Cause and effect can only be determined conclusively through careful observation. ____ Adaptations can never occur within a generation. ____ South-facing slopes tend to be drier than north-facing slopes. ____ Under extreme physical stresses, the probability of a useful adaptation arising is increased. ____ Climate is a function of unequally heated air in motion. ____ The windward side of coastal mountains tends to be wetter than the leeward side. ____ Some desert plants can change their leaf orientation to increase heat loss due to convection. ____ Convective cooling in small leaves is more efficient than in large leaves. ____ Heterothermism is the process of facing into the sun to gain heat. ____ Hibernation in response to heat stress is called estivation. ____ Temperature in the primary exogeneous mechanism that maintains an organisms “internal clock.” ____ Serpentine soils are rich soils with high nutrient levels that support diverse plant communities. ____ In plants, structural CHOs are unavailable for reserve use and non-structural CHO's are availabe as a
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/03/2008 for the course RNR 316 taught by Professor Koprowski during the Spring '97 term at Arizona.

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RNR 316 Exam1-1998 - RNR 316: Natural Resources Ecology...

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