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Cut to the Chase: Balancing Redox Equations Rules for Balancing Redox Equations 1. Write the two half-reactions 2. Balance all elements except O and H 3. Balance O with waters 4. Balance H with H + 5. Balance the charge with electrons (e -1 ) 6. Multiply by a factor to make the electrons equal for both equations 7. Add the two equations together and combine like terms If a basic solution, do number 8. 8. Add hydroxides (OH
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Unformatted text preview: -) to both sides equal to the H + . On the side with the H + , addition of OH-will produce water molecules. (H + + OH- H 2 O). Combine waters if necessary. Hint: Balance all redox equations as if they are in acidic solution. If they are in a basic solution, convert it over at the end using step 8. This allows the student to always balance redox in the same way....
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