topic17 - XVII. 1. Descriptive Chemistry, Lab Procedures...

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Descriptive Chemistry, Lab Procedures and Miscellaneous 1. A 0.1 M solution of which of the following ions is orange? (A) Fe(H 2 O) 4 2+ (B) Cu(NH 3 ) 4 2+ (C) Zn(OH) 4 2+ (D) Zn(NH 3 ) 4 2+ (E) Cr 2 O 7 2- Answer: E 2. The addition of an oxidizing agent such as chlorine water to a clear solution of an unknown compound results in the appearance of a brown color. When this solution is shaken with the organic solvent, methylene dichloride, the organic solvent layer turns purple. The unknown compound probably contains: (A) K + (B) Br - (C) NO 3 - (D) I - (E) Co 2+ Answer: D 3. A measured mass of unreactive metal was dropped into a small cylinder half filled with water. The following measurements were made. Mass of metal = 19.611 g Volume of water before addition of metal = 12.4 ml Volume of water after addition of metal = 14.9 ml The density of the metal should be reported as: (A) 7.8444 g/ml (B) 7.844 g/ml (C) 7.84 g/ml (D) 7.8 g/ml (E) 8 g/ml Answer: D 4. A solution is known to contain an inorganic salt of one of the following elements. The solution is colorless. The solution contains a salt of: (A) Cu (B) Mn (C) Fe (D) Ni (E) Zn Answer: E 5. Adding water to some chemicals can be dangerous because large amounts of heat are liberated. Which of the following does not liberate heat when water is added to it? (A) KNO
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topic17 - XVII. 1. Descriptive Chemistry, Lab Procedures...

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