polyatomicions - Ag is always 1 and Zn is always 2-ic and...

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Polyatomic Ions: 1- 2- 1+ ClO Hypochlorite C 2 O 4 Oxalate NH 4 Ammonium ClO 2 Chlorite CO 3 Carbonate ClO 3 Chlorate Cr 2 O 7 Dichromate ClO 4 Perchlorate CrO 4 Chromate CN Cyanide SO 4 Sulfate MnO 4 Permanganate SO 3 Sulfite NO 3 Nitrate NO 2 Nitrite OH Hydroxide HCOO Formate HCO 3 Hydrogen Carbonate 3- HSO 3 Hydrogen Sulfite PO 4 Phosphate C 2 H 3 O 2 Acetate SCN Thoicyanate Two transition metals are exceptions and do not need Roman Numerals:
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Unformatted text preview: Ag is always 1+ and Zn is always 2+. -ic and –ous endings ( ic means the highest possible oxidation number and ous means the lowest oxidation number) These ending are most commonly used with iron and copper. Ferric Iron as 3+ Ferrous Irons as 2+ Cupric Copper as 2+ Cuprous Copper as 1+...
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