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1441 Final Review Website: http://dipowell1.home.mindspring.com NOTICE: This session will be a question and answer session which is different from past sessions. Please work through these problem before attending, and have your questions ready. Feel free to come and spend time working problems in room 121. No formal lecture will be given. Dimensional Analysis (Stoichiometric Problems) 1. How many grams of CH 4 are required to produce 43 g of Cu according to the following equation: 4CuO + CH 4 CO 2 + 2H 2 O + 4Cu? 2. Use the equation below and determine what volume of O 2 at STP is needed to react with 1.5 moles of C 2 H 4 ? C 2 H 4 + 3O 2 2CO 2 + 2H 2 O 3. What is the % by mass of chlorine in CH 2 Cl 2 ? 4. How many molecules of CH 4 are there in 48.2 g of the compound? 5. How many grams of oxygen are present in 65 g of C 2 H 2 O 2 ? 6. A compound is found to contain only C, H and O. It is found to contain the following weight percents: 70.6% C, 5.9% H , and 23.5% O. The molecular mass of the compound is 136. What is the molecular formula? 7. Xenon Hexafluoride reacts with water to produce the explosive compound XeO 3 and hydrogen fluoride. When 3 g of XeF 6 reacted with excess water, 1.2 g of xenon trioxide was isolated. What is the percent yield? 8. If 4 g of hydrogen and 35 g of oxygen react to form water, how many g of water will be produced? Gas Laws 9. Which one of the following gases would deviate the most from ideal gas behavior? (a) Ne (b) CH 4 (c) H 2 (d) CO 2 (e) SO 2 10. A certain gas has an empirical formula of CH 2 . If 4.2 g of this gas occupies 1.83 L at 100 o C and 1.00 atm, what is its molecular formula? 11. There is no problem 11
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12. Ne has 10 times the mass of H 2 . Which of the following statements are true? (a) at 25 o both have the same kinetic energy (b) ten moles of H 2 would have the same volume as 1 mole of Ne at STP (c) one mole of Ne would exert the same pressure as one mole of H 2 at STP (d) a Ne atom travels 10 times faster than an H 2 molecule (e) at 1 atm and 25 o C, one liter of Ne has 10 times the density of 1 liter of H 2 13. An automobile tire is filled with air at a pressure of 30 lb/in 2 at 25 o C. A cold front moves through and the temperature drops 5 o . Assuming no change in the volume, what is the new tire pressure? Lewis Dot Questions 14. Determine the hybridization of carbon 1 and the total number of pi and sigma bonds. H C H C H O C H C H H Carbon 1 15. Which of the following violates the octet rule? (a) NF 3 (b) PCl 3 (c) SO 3 (d) CCl 4 (e) FCl 3 16. What is the shape of CS 2 ? 17. Determine the shape and polarity of CHF 3 . 18. How many resonance forms can be drawn for CO 3 2- ? Electrons 19. How many orbitals in an atom can have the set of quantum numbers n= 4, m l = -1? 20. The first ionization energies of the elements __ as you go from left to right across a
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1441final - 1441 Final Review Website:...

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