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Chapter 16 PM notecards - Chapter 16 Rifting &...

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Chapter 16 Introduction 1) What is the difference between an active rift and an inactive one ? Active rift is a rift that is happening at the present time and an inactive is a rift active in the past A successful and unsuccessful rift? Successful rift is one that produces oceanic crust and an unsuccessful rift is one that stops at stage one or two What is an Aulacogen? An unsuccessful rift 2) What are examples of each of the categories in question 1? Active rift- east African rift Inactive rift- Oklahoma Successful rift- Unsuccessful rift- Grand Canyon 3) How much does the lithosphere extend in a successful rift? It will stretch 2 to 4 times its original width What is the continental margin called that is formed by a successful rift? Passive margins
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Structure of a Rift 4) Draw a cross section of a symmetric rift model and an asymmetric rift model? 5) Which has horsts and graben and which has a breakaway fault? Symmetric rift Which tends to have planar or listric faults? Asymmetric rift 6) What’s the difference between “book-shelf” and listric normal faults? Normal faults just have a slip, bookshelf faults slip and then brekup and the slip again forming a stacked book look 7) What produces a rollover fold? A s a listic faults displaces the overlying strata will fold to remove the gap produced by the displacement How is its cause different from a buckling fold? 8)
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Chapter 16 PM notecards - Chapter 16 Rifting &...

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