Chapter 18 PM - Chapter 18 Fold-Thrust Belts Introduction 1...

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Chapter 18 Fold-Thrust Belts Introduction 1) Read over the Terminology in Table 10.1. Regional Context 2) What is the difference between the terms “back arc” and “foreland” Region that lies behind volcanic arc towards the continental crust and is deformed, foreland is the portion of undeformed cranton 3) What are the 6 tectonic settings of fold-thrust belts? A) Andean style- For-thrust belts in the back arc region require compression across the arc. On continents, these thrust belts occur in the back arc region, and they verge toward the continental interior (sometimes called the “foreland”). The weight of the thrust sheets may produce a “foreland” basin in front of them. B) accretionary prism may also be preserved as a thrust belt. The sediments are from deep water environments consisting of radiolarian cherts, pelagic mudstone, pillow basalts, oceanic crust and anything else that might be brought in by the subducting plate. structures tend to be chaotic because the sediments were poorly lithified. The material is often described as a melange (mixed up rock). Metamorphism is absent or low temperature, but low temp, high pressure blueschist metamorphism can occur C) passive continental margin that collides with an active continental margin. The accretionary prism is squeezed between the two continents. Rifted continental curst at the edge of the passive margin is reactivated and thrust up over the shelf sediments. Thrust faults form in the shelf sediments along bedding plane detachments and ramp upward toward the foreland. Tectonically thickened sediments depress the crust producing a foreland basin in front of the thrust belt. D) Inverted Rift basins occur when an unsuccessful rift is later compressed
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Chapter 18 PM - Chapter 18 Fold-Thrust Belts Introduction 1...

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