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Chpt 5 - David Rounds Chpt 5 1 Rheology functional...

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David Rounds Chpt 5 1. Rheology- functional relationship between stress and strain. 2. Strain rate- the time length it takes to achieve a certain amount of strain, the dimension of strain rate is time. 10 –12/s or 10 –15/s 3. Creep is a function of strain rate versus time. Typical regimes- A) primary or transient creep- strain rates decreases with time following a rapid initial accumulation, B) secondary or steady-state creep- strain accumulation is linear with time, C) tertiary or accelerated creep- strain rate increases with time leading to failure 4. σ = E e , σ = K [(V - V ο )/V ο ], υ = e perpendicular/ e parallel 5. There are three elastic equations because there are different types of elastic behavior such as elastic, shear stress, compressionablilty. Young’s modulus, shear modulus or rigidity, bulk modulus. Pa 6. Poission’s ratio- relationship between volume change and stress. It measures length. 7.
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