Chpt 6 - David Rounds Chpt 6 1 Brittle deformation...

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David Rounds Chpt 6 1. Brittle deformation- permanent change that occurs in rock due to fracture growth and/or sliding, happens only when rock has exceeded critical value Fracture- general term for a surface in a material across which there has been a loss of cohesion and continuity Joint- Natural fracture that forms from tensile loading Shear fracture- small fault Shear zone- zone in which ductile deformation is concentrated, a shear fracture that is transitional between brittle and ductile deformation Fault- Fracture that has shear displacement Fault zone- zone of rock bordering the fault that has fractured Fracture front- edge or boundary of fracture Fracture tip- point on fracture front Vein- extension fracture that has mineral precipated in the space between fracture walls Dike- extension fracture that has material intruded in to it, can igneous or sedimentary 2. Griffith cracks- micro cracks in rock, the longer the crack the more stress is concentrated at the tips of the crack, stress is so large that atoms are to far apart to
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Chpt 6 - David Rounds Chpt 6 1 Brittle deformation...

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