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David Rounds Chpt 3 1. Force is what casing mass to deform or accelerate- Newton, mass is the amount of mater in an object that is porptional to weight-kilogram, density is the mass per volume- Kg/m3, weight is the measurement of gravitational force acting on an object- kilogram. 2. forces have accelerations ex: gravity 3. Vectors require two things two define them, scalars require one thing two define them. Acceleration and force are vectors, everything else is scalar. 4. Equilibrium the condition of no change in motion, there is still accelerations if there is equilibrium, 5. Body forces act through out the object, surface forces act on a plane in or on the object. 6. problem 7. Stress – force per unit area, force does not have to be perpendicular to the surface. Does not have to be an actual material boundary. 8. see attached sheet 9. a 10. stress that acts on a plane is called traction, stress is the force per unit area, stress
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Unformatted text preview: acting on a body is a stress tensor, stress field is the orientation of stresses in a body 11. problem 12. hydrostatic pressure- is pressure that is equal on all sides 13. a 14. a 15. a 16. a 17. a 18. a 19. vectors require three coordinates to define it, 2 nd rank tensor require nine coordinates 20. Isotropic stress is when the three principal stresses are equal in magnitude, stress trajectories- connecting the orientation of principal stress vectors at several points in a body, stress field- collectively principal stress trajectories in a body, homogenous stress- each point in field have same orientation, heterogeneous stress- does not 21. hydrostatic pressure- mean stress on a body, stressed equally in all directions...
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