Principle of original horizontal

Principle of original horizontal - Principle of original...

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Principle of original horizontal- formed by Nicholas Steno, states that sediment layers deposit parallel to earth’s surface Unconformities- discontinuity in the geologic record, marked by lack of deposition or erosion Geosyncline theory- theory that deep basins formed in to mountains Continental drift theory- theory that the landmass split apart in the past Plate tectonic theory- theory that states that the landmass move around on the aerosphere Geologic structure- geometric feature in rock which can be described a)primary- formed during deposition b)tectonic- formed due to tectonic activity Strain rate- rate of displacement in rock body Stress- force per unit area Deformation- refers to change in shape, position or orientation of a body Rotation- pivoting of a body around an axis Translation- change in body position Strain- deformation of a body due to stress a) homogenous strain- strain constant through out body b) heterogeneous strain- strain is not equal though out reference frame- unreformed state Scale of observation – scale at which you are describing A)Micro- scale visible under microscopic B)Meso- scale visible in outcrop c)Macro- scale is regionally D)mega- scale is continental Descriptive analysis- description of shape and appearance of geologic structures Kinematics analysis- path that the deformation took Strain analysis- mathematical tools used to quantifiy strain on rock Dynamic analysis- development of an understanding of stress and its relation to deformation Mechanism analysis- study of processes on the atomic scale
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Tectonic analysis- study of processes resulting from tectonic Apparent dip- Dip of a plane in an imaginary vertical plane that is not perpendicular to the strike. Less than or equal to the true dip. Attitude- Orientation of a geometric element in space Cross section- plane perpendicular to the earth’s surface True dip- The slope of a surface, the angle of a plane with the horizontal measured in an
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Principle of original horizontal - Principle of original...

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