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review for test answers - Chpt 7 review for test...

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Chpt 7 review for test Fracture-narrow zone where in which cohesion of material is eliminated Joint- type of fracture that has no shear Shear fracture- small fault Fault-fracture that has shear displacement Vein- extensional fracture that has minerals precipated in the space a) parallel to maximum stress and perpendicular to minimum , b) no this is because material properties of rock changes through out rock, stress filed at tip of cracks change as the cracks grow Orthogonal form perpendicular to each other (looks like bricks), conjugate forms an angle that is less than 90 degrees. Group of systematic joints, two or more joint sets joints that form hexagonal shape because of cooling lava, joints that form because of schistisoty in rock that causes joints to form parallel to surface younger joints terminate at older joints a) area around joint where tensile stress has been reduced,b) length of joint and width of stress shadow since new joints can not form in stress shadows a) as stresses is reduced vertically the rock expands vertical only a little because nothing is bounding it and wants to contract horizontally because of cooling but can’t because it is locked in place by country rocks, this causes tensile stress to form, Due to the Poisson effect which states that if a rock expands in on direction it must contract in the direction perpendicular to the expansion, b) the resulting joints are vertical. Joints can stop from drop in fluid pressure, interaction with other joints and their stress shadows, fracture hits a surface with a significant change Chpt 8 review Fault-A zone which shear displacement has occurred Fault zone- an area with multiple faults Shear zone- a wide fault zone Slip is a displacement vector that connects two points on either side of the fault zone that
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review for test answers - Chpt 7 review for test...

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