02 Opinions on Immigration

02 Opinions on Immigration - driving force behind...

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Opinions on Immigration, Comparative Immigration Politics: Lecture 2 August 27, 2010 First assignment due Friday the 10 th . What is immigration o Push and Pull Factors Bad economy Education War Physical danger Job opportunities Democratic government Stable economy Population Growth Industrial Revolution Economic Opportunity Types of Flows o Legal Immigrants o Refugees – run through the UN. o Asylum Seekers o Illegal Immigrants (undocumented) Visa overstayers Illegal Entry The immigration debate in America
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o A country of immigration o African forced migration o European migration Population growth Industrial revolution o Lack of social disruption Relatively small number of immigrants Pluralism and geographic dispersal Economic vitality – immigration seen as positive because it was the
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Unformatted text preview: driving force behind something? Wanted to see the country grow. Current immigration o Change from Europe to latin America and asia Similar disruptions Can we continue to be a nation of immigrants? o Unskilled immigrants and economic debates Welfare and healthcare Family reunification Mexico and the U.S. California, Texas, Arizona Texas takes pro immigration stance. Hispanics in Arizona dont have as much political strength as they do in texas. Info and organizations o Pro-immigration links Federation for American immigration reform o Texas data o Center for immigration studies...
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02 Opinions on Immigration - driving force behind...

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