06 Comparative Immigration lecture 6

06 Comparative Immigration lecture 6 - Dividing Lines:...

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Dividing Lines: Immigration Policy in America Comparative Immigration Politics Lecture 6 September 8, 2010 In the news. Immigration stance could tilt November reulsts for Canada? Education:woman shes 20 illegal immigrant has the grades but not the papers. General Info Do the reading before you come to class So you can ask questions (makes lectures and section more interesting!) Lecture will make more sense Use section to ask questions we might not have time for in class Don’t forget homework is due on Friday (posted on Blackboard ) Final Project: Immigration Reform Getting Started Reading political science - Literature reviews and developing theories i …or “why my theory is better than everyone else’s” Vocabulary i Veto points i Policy domain i New/historical institutionalists i Aggregating interests i The national state vs. federal states i American political development Tichenor and 9/11
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From page 9 “new international crises or threats episodically have served as important catalysts for major immigration reform, altering the incentives and capacities of political actors to break policy stalemates” From page 10 “Interestingly, specific policy responses often have been formulated by
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06 Comparative Immigration lecture 6 - Dividing Lines:...

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