07 Comparative Immigration lecture 7

07 Comparative Immigration lecture 7 - Dividing Lines:...

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Dividing Lines: Immigration Policy in America Comparative Immigration Politics Lecture 7 September 10, 2010 The Central Puzzle How and why expansive and restrictive policy regimes have emerged over time. 0 examples include lack of immigration control. On page 3 of tichner, we are looking at major legislation. Tichner says Example: lack of immigration controls in early to mid-1800s vs. Chinese exclusion in late 1800s Other theories i Economic conditions i Power of social interests i National values i Electoral realignments and policy change Major Legislation 1875-1929 (p.3) Immigration Act (1875) Chinese Exclusion Acts (1882, 1888) Immigration Act (1891) Gentlemen’s Agreement (1907) Dillingham commission (1907) National Origins Act (1924) National Quota Law (1929) Four interlocking processes (tichner) Dynamism of national governing structures Changing coalitions of organized interests Professional expertise
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International pressures The role of institutions “the organizational biases of governing structures can favor the capacities and policy designs of specific political actors while disadvantaging others” (page 29) example. Might have commite chair that uses rules to hold legislation back. Institutional opportunity points
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07 Comparative Immigration lecture 7 - Dividing Lines:...

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